Since October the 7th, 2005, N.Vrouyr has opened his library to the public.
It contains some hundreds of books specialized in eastern and western rugs and carpets. Old and recent publications, catalogues, magazines and documents on Persian, Caucasian, Turkish, Chinese,Tibetan, Indian, South-Asian, Europese, North and South American rugs and weavings, etc. can be consulted on the spot.

Journal d’un marchand de tapis is not a manual on rugs, nor a tourist guide of Iran, even though a journey through Iran is described. It is rather a tribute to a marvellous and adventurous profession where old practices and traditions are slowly disappearing. The book was built on notes that Ch. Vrouyr took in 1999 and on fragments of different talks and lectures he gave. The book is available in French and Dutch.

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