Sahar Tessuto by Haynes Robinson

ref: sah nts031026

warp: cotton
weft: wool
pile: wool

Coulours may appear different on the website than in reality. All mentioned prices and sizes are indicative and not binding. Possibly some rugs that are still online, are not available anymore in the showroom.

Haynes Robinson

Artist Image
With the Sahar project, American designer Haynes Robinson connects across time and culture with the women of wandering Persian tribes, shepherds who sleep under stars and work in the open air. Robinson calls to these revered weavers with his contemporary designs. They respond with their interpretations. Wool is gathered from local flocks. It is worked and spun by hand. Pomegranate, walnut, madder – the wool is steeped in sensuous colors coaxed from local fruit and flowers. Then, the women knot and weave each composition with their hands, improvising, elaborating on Robinson’s themes, shining primal spirits on the work. Sahar carpets are collaborative creations: spontaneous, direct, organic and authentic.

The great success of this collection resulted in a move of production to Indian workshops. Skilled Iranian producers are still leading this great production. Now the Sahar collection can be ordered in any size.

Stock of Sahars is constantly renewed.

Different qualities are produced with different or similar designs:
Prices between €700and €2.000m²
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