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ref 22204
355 x 287 cm
11' 7⁴/₅" x 9' 4¹/₁"
warp and weft: cotton
pile: wool
Around 1920

10000-25000 EUR

First half 20th century
The excellence of quality indicates that this carpet was probably made in one of Tabriz's better workshops. A classical vase design of the 16th century.

Tabriz is the capital of the Iranian province of Azerbaïdjan. It has a rich past going back to the Sassanids and played an important political part in the history of Persia. It has built a reputation for rugs and textiles since the rise of the Safavids and the city has produced many master weavers, designers and workshops. Western companies had their offices in Tabriz. In the 19th century the rug trade was very active between Tabriz and Trabzond, the harbor that was closest for export to Europe and the United States .This area still offers a wide range of qualities and designs.

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