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ref. 21079 txl
87 x 87 cm
2' 10³/₁₀" x 2' 10³/₁₀"
silk embroided

2500 - 5000 EUR

Many times Chinese collars consist of silk pieces in the shape of a ruyi (scepter) or a cloud. They were worn on top of the garment at special occasions like weddings, birthdays or other festivities. The ornamentations symbolize prosperity and good omen. The peach represents long life, the bats stand for good health, the peonies symbolize nobility and good luck. The ruyi has nothing to do with power it is the emblem of fulfilling the wishes.
The cloud collar arose from the Suii dynasty (581-618) and was originally made from feathers. It was only worn by higher officials. Slowly by slowly the cloud collar became a festive adornment for Chinese women.

Coulours may appear different on the website than in reality. All mentioned prices and sizes are indicative and not binding. Possibly some rugs that are still online, are not available anymore in the showroom.

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