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Senneh saddle rug

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ref. 16324
92 x 73 cm
3' 0¹/₅" x 2' 4⁷/₁₀"
warp and weft: cotton
pile: wool
Mid 20th century

500 - 1000 EUR

Although Sanandaj ((formerly Senneh) is in the heart of Turkish populated Iran, where peope use the Turkish knot,  it is known for using the asymmetrically knot and even gave its name to it. The Senneh-knot is another name for the Persian knot.

«  The weavers in Senneh spin their own yarn,very thin and with considerable twist. You meet them in the street – spinning as they walk. The Senneh dyers are skilled and careful, and the dyes which they use are good. Their medium ,blue is as fresh and clean as any dyed in Persia ; and their yellow (which they dye with vine leaves mordanted with alun) is as rich as guinea gold.
While I was in Senneh, I had the satisfaction establishing – beyond the possibility of a doubt – that only the Turkish knot is woven there. I trust that from now on the word Senneh will not be misused ( as it has been misused for so long) to indicate the Persian knot. »
Cecil Edwards   The Persian Carpet  (Duckworth, 1953)

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