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Bokçe Meshed

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ref. 21481
80 x 74 cm
2' 7¹/₂" x 2' 5¹/₁₀"
warp and weft: cotton
pile: wool
3 | 1940-1990
Iran Khorassan

0 - 500 EUR

Bokçe or djaqorani. The central area is woven and the borders are knotted. It can be folded and can be used to protect a Qoran or any other valuable object.
When the war in Afghanistan started, many Afghan weavers fled to Khorassan, and started adapting their skills to the local demand. Lower wages, new patterns and finer weaving meant a hard competition for the locals and the Iranian government encouraged the return of the Afghans to their country. Nevertheless, it is to be considered as a very specific influence and contribution to the local market.

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