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ref. 25688
127 x 116 cm
4' 2" x 3' 9⁷/₁₀"
warp and weft: wool
pile: wool
4 | Recent Production
South Iran

1000 - 2500 EUR

Shiraz is the capital of southern province Fars and is also a city of poets and roses. Hafez and Sa’adi, Persia’s greatest and most loved poets do each have a mausoleum.
Shiraz has played an important political and economic part in history. The actual city was built in the neighbourhood of Persepolis and Pasargades.
The local bazar is one of Iran’s major carpet markets. For the caravans of the pilgrims on their way to Mecca it was a stop where one would buy valuable presents and amongst others what was called ‘Mecca Shiraz’; which is just a byname without being a well-defined appellation.
It was also the place where the Qashqay tribes brought (and still bring) their rugs to the local merchants. The city became one of the main centers for large sized Gabbeh carpets, which gave a boost to the productions in the surrounding areas. Weavers of many tribes like Luri, Shekerlu, Bolor, Kashkuli, Amaleh etc started making this sober designs.

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