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Shoushtari Kilim

2500 - 5000 EUR

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Tel. +32 3 232 36 87
Fax. +32 3 226 39 75

ref. 22211
302 x 105 cm
9' 10⁹/₁₀" x 3' 5³/₁₀"
warp and weft: wool
Around 1930

The winter home of the Bakhtiari is on the plains of Khuzestan, around Shushtar at the head of the Persian Gulf. In summer they migrate through the Zagros Mountains to the Chahar Mahal valley to the west of Esfahan where they graze their animals. The Bakhtiari live in an area where until recently there were no roads or modern means of communication. They are not known for their commercial weaves, but mainly produce kilims for domestic use.

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