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ref. 21576
307 x 144 cm
10' 0⁹/₁₀" x 4' 8⁷/₁₀"
warp and weft: wool
pile: wool
West Anatolia

2500 - 5000 EUR

Kula is an Anatolian city at a distance of approx. 50 km from Ghiordes. The craftsmanship in both cities is quite similar, but nevertheless not identical. Kula seems to have a more spontaneous (and may be less sophisticated) way of working.
There are many additional names for Kula rugs according to their patterns; Demirdji (or Kömürcü Kula) with its black backgrounds, Mazarlyk Kula with the cypresses and mortuary house, Cicekli Kula with very tiny flowers (some say flies) in the border.

Coulours may appear different on the website than in reality. All mentioned prices and sizes are indicative and not binding. Possibly some rugs that are still online, are not available anymore in the showroom.

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