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Silk Heriz

Tel. +32 3 232 36 87
Fax. +32 3 226 39 75

ref. BAIJ2
182 x 130 cm
5' 11⁷/₁₀" x 4' 3¹/₅"
warp and weft: silk
pile: silk
Around 1900

>25000 EUR

There is not much literature about silk Heriz rugs.
Heriz is a small village at about 200km from Tabriz (NW Persia) and produces excellent carpets for daily use. It is hard to believe, when one visits the area that in the mid-nineteenth century these exceptionally fine silk rugs were produced in such small hamlets.

The quality, the dyes, the technical characteristics and the knot density are very typical for the whole production.

Coulours may appear different on the website than in reality. All mentioned prices and sizes are indicative and not binding. Possibly some rugs that are still online, are not available anymore in the showroom.

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