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Kilim Ardabil

Tel. +32 3 232 36 87
Fax. +32 3 226 39 75

ref. 34364
541 x 309 cm
17' 9" x 10' 1⁵/₈"
warp: cotton
weft: wool
Mid 20th century
Iran province of Azerbaijan

10000-25000 EUR

Iranian Azebaïdjan comprehends the four Iranian provinces in the utmost upper Northwestern part of the country. At home, the Azeri speak Turkish although education is in Farsi. There are also minorities who speak their own languages.
Tabriz, Khoy, Heriz, Ardabil, Mianeh, Zandjan, Maraghe etc., are important weaving places but very many villages and hamlets produces great variety of kilims and rugs.

Coulours may appear different on the website than in reality. All mentioned prices and sizes are indicative and not binding. Possibly some rugs that are still online, are not available anymore in the showroom.

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