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Since 1917

Sometimes the life of your carpet hangs by one thread....
Since N. Vrouyr moved to the Komedieplaats in Antwerp in 1920, a well-equipped workshop is located in the same building. A team of experts takes care of restoration, cleaning and maintenance.

We provide free advice and quotations for repair works and take into account the value of the rug.

Does your rug slide on the floor? Underlays can be obtained in any size at the store.

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When N. Vrouyr opened the shop in Antwerp, it simultaneously installed a workshop on the upper floor. A small team of qualified and skilled craftsmen works on the premises. They will take care of your carpets in a most professional way. We treat all matters in house and never outsource!
Whether it comes to manually cleaning, repairing the ends and fringes or a reconstruction of a large damage of a rug, we will always provide a free price quotation at the store. Taking into account the value of the rug, we will be glad to give an honest advice and guidance to help you choose the right solution for each matter.
We offer a pick-up and delivery service at home.
Cleaning and maintenance:
Are you interested in receiving our advice on how to take care of your rugs? Click here to download the basic guide.
We never outsource the cleaning of rugs. Contrary to many places where rugs are cleaned using one single method, we carefully adapt the treatment to your rug. Considering its structure and materials, we can avoid risks of colour run. We do the necessary testing before choosing for the most adequate washing process. We work with natural products only.
We clean all types of rugs from kilims to handmade rugs.
We gladly assist you with moth problems. Unfortunately, until today, no radical and permanent solution exists against these bugs. With the right care, you can minimize the risks.
When you want to store a rug for a while, never wrap it in plastic. It will become a light and air free environment, an idyllic place for bugs!
Borders that break? Fringes that unravel? A larger damage, maybe caused by a domestic animal? A fire or water damage? For each problem, we will find the most sensible and responsible solution, taking into account the value of the rug.
For our team of experts, we picked the most adequate materials from all countries of origin to guarantee the best results.

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