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Christian and Naïry VROUYR is constantly browsing around in the bazaars villages and hamlets of Iran

The rich array that N.Vrouyr permanently has in stock is no coincidence. It is the result of many patient, systematical and exciting journeys in Iran. This country was and still is one of the most enthralling places to visit for a carpet dealer. Tigrane Vrouyr started the adventurous traveling towards the Middle-East at the end of the fifties. Since then the yearly journey has become a tradition. Christian Vrouyr has now a thirty year experience. He is constantly browsing around in the bazaars villages and hamlets of Iran. He carefully selects a unique collection of rugs, carpets and textiles.
The diversity of carpets and textiles that you'll discover at the N.Vrouyr shop in Antwerp is the result of these incessant prospecting.
Contacts with London, Yerevan, New York, Zürich or Katmandu are also held on a permanent base.
During the second half of May 2012 we (Naïry and Christian Vrouyr), towards the end of our annual trip, travelled with a team of Swiss carpet dealers and collectors through Iran. We mainly visited the province of Mazandaran with a few highlights such as the city of Behshahr with its prehistorical archaeology and Safavid palaces. The graveyard of Sefidtshah was an most interesting stop on our road. We got in touch with the last weavers of this beautiful region.

city of Behshahr

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