Mahabad Soapstone by James Tufenkian Armenia

ref: tuf Mahabad Soapstone

warp and weft: cotton
pile: wool

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James Tufenkian Armenia

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In Armenia, in 1993, Tufenkian started with what he knew best. Carpets. At that time, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Armenia had no electricity, and its factories and borders were closed. But it had sheep. Great Caucasus Mountain sheep with long, lustrous wool. And a tradition of great carpet weaving. So Tufenkian created a carpet industry based on Armenian wool, carded and spun by hand into yarn. Based on hand-dyeing of the yarn, and of course hand-knotting of the carpets. They took these traditional crafts and put them into the service of Tufenkian Design, to create richly textured, subtly shaded carpets that contribute spectacularly to modern interiors.
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